Goldilocks and the Three Bears


For this book week activity we read several versions of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and extended book week to two as there were so many fun things to do to explore the story.  We talked a lot about the similarities and differences and what we liked about different aspects of the different stories.  My favourite by far was ‘Goldilocks and Just One Bear’ by Leigh Hodgkinson.  It is a fun and whimsical modern version about what happens after the characters grow up.  Another great modern adaptation is ‘Me and You’ by Anthony Browne, told from the point of view of baby bear with some fun surprises.  Goldilocks’ side of the story is told with just pictures which gives the children a chance to tell the story themselves which my two really enjoyed.


 Chickpea’s baby bear- grown up.

 PicMonkey Collage

We have done a lot of role play this week.  I set this up and then put it in the play tray with a bag more of dry porridge to play with.  Before I could get it in the tray Monkey was sampling the goods.  Then Chickpea let me know I forgot the beds so I found three in the dollhouse and she added some oats to them to make them more comfortable. Because you always need a few extra oats in the bed!




They all loved the roll play and even Monkey (2) got into it, trying out different voices, and he remembered the lines of the story quite well!








After using the dry porridge in the play tray I whipped up some porridge oats playdough with this Imagination Tree porridge oats playdough recipe.  They loved it and kept transferring it to different bowls, letting Goldilocks try them all.  They played indoors and out with the playdough, it was well used- until it got added to the water bucket and turned into a sticky blob.  Oh well, science again!


The children also played with baby bear in his natural habitat (well, a block forest is closer than a house anyway) and watched a few videos about bears  and a great documentary about grizzly bears living in Alaska that they both really enjoyed, especially seeing how the cameramen were living so close to the grizzlies.  Another great video to go with this book is the Goldilocks episode of “Super Why.”

One thing I really wanted to try but we didn’t get around to is making some bear masks and acting out the story in a play version.  This is one we will save for another day!

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How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers


We love Oliver Jeffers and this is one of our favourites with it’s whimsical sense of adventure and wonderful artwork.    So it’s fair to say I was at least very excited for this week, the kids loved it too.  There were so many activities that we could have probably spent a month happily exploring all of the possibilities so I’m sure we’ll  come back to it time and time again.


Tissue Paper Resist Art Chickpea (4) and Monkey (2)


This was one of my favourites and I’ll use it again for other activities because it’s so easy with such beautiful results!  I used this tutorial for Tissue Paper Resist Art from the Imagination Tree.  I just adjusted it for a starry night theme instead and asked Chickpea (4) which colours we should use for the night sky, looking at the artwork in the book for inspiration.

Both of them were able to tear the tissue paper up, cover the stars with it and paint with water over the top. It was interesting to see how much water was needed to soak the paper and watch the colours bleed into each other. Science done for the day! Tick.


This was also fun, and who doesn’t love playdough!  I tried this recipe for galaxy playdough -but it seems we needed a heck of a lot more glitter and black food colouring to make it look that great, the kids still really enjoyed playing with it, though, and Chickpea had fun making these star chocolates.


We also did some stargazing and a few more activities including:

-Creating constellations using stars cut out with a hole punch stuck into a pattern on black paper.

-Numbering stars and connecting them in order.

-Watching quite a few Youtube videos about stars, starfish and a few great stop motion animations of the story. Sometimes I think we educate by Youtube but never mind.  It was a very fun, starry week!


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